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 With strong technical force and perfect management, Silimin Electric Power  Automation Company is concentrating on the researching, designing, producing and marketing of the automatic electric power products,and the realization and service of relevant projects, including entire solution plans for correlative electric power automatic system.

Since founded in 2003, following with the updated IT of electric power automation industry, Silimin is actively developing and bravely progressing that series of electric power automatic monitoring machine and control software be successively produced, such as the Electric Power Expert,King of Electric Power”“Easy relay protection” and also series devices be developed,for instance: protocol converter, communication manager , electric power MODEM , satellite synchronized clock and terminal server. These provide a powerful functions and excellent performance  automatic solutions for Electric Power and Industrial Control,and have already yielded remarkable social and economic benefits, and earned a high reputation from widespreas experts, scholars and consumers’ confidence. Till now, it has more than 80 home and abroad OEM consumers. 

Silimin proposes that technology research and product development are the basis of conducting itself, organized powerful researching team, and refined scientific research management. It keeps a close connection with famous home and abroad colleges, universities and institutions for scientific research, electric power company and electric power automation industry companies ,and built a long turn cooperative research mechanism. Our company employing many experts scholars in electric power,industrial control,computer and communication area, as the company’s adviser to make the products with the up-dated technology,and then transfers science and technology into productive forces quicker and much better. Now Silimin has employee more than 350 people , average age is 27-year-old. 100% above junior college degree,and 70% of them are software technician that engaged in research,development and the project service. Being with all kinds of technicians,such as electric power system and its automation , computer skills and auto-control ,and proper professional equipment, Silimin has formed a sensible distributed, fresh and vigorous talent team.
Silimin Company regards devoting to the country with industry and revitalizing the country with science and technology as its mission,“Quality, Technology, Credit, and Service” as objects.
With man-oriented, keeping technology to be in the lead, expanding the range of services step by step,keeping profit and estate coordinated developing,Silimin provides the first-class technology , product and serving for customer, which will make the customer satisfied , the investor benefited, and the enterprise continuesly and stably developed.
The rapid development of Silimin derived from many aspects: the support of widespread consumer,all-round cooperative way, good developing tactics and location, the combination of leading technology and professional knowledge,and the binding of advanced product and first class of service. In future day, Silimin will do the  same.Choose Silimin, you will be successful. The development core of Silimin is to help enterprise to be successful ,then get success itself. Thus, no matter you are our present cooperation buddy or future strategy ally, Silimin will always take you into consideration.


  • Launched fire-protection warming and safty monotoring broadcast system; Establish the market and service center in Nanshan ShenZhen.
  • Launched the thirid generation SNTM satellite synchronization clock which can support multi-format of output and input .
  • Expand the team of research and development  and cut the number of production staff which makes us change production into development. 
  • Set up the project of fire-protection and safty monitoring research. 
Establish a research and development center in South China University of technology in Guangdong Provience.
  • Launched  network time synchronization management sysytem and primary and secondary clocks. 
  • Set up the department of systerms engineering and major in engineering systems .  
  •       Invested in glass photoelectric industry, established Silimin Microtechnique Company.
          SNTM series time marking safety unified system is especially put up for banks and securities industry.
  •       SESS environmental monitoring configuration software is developed.
          SECC series power environment monitoring system solution is developed.
  •       SNTS network time service device and SGPS satellite synchronous clock are developed.
          SMA series intelligent monitoring instrument is developed.
  •       Production base is established and successfully verified by ISO2001 quality system.
          Silimin Beijing Office is established.
  •       Silimin Nanjing R&D center is established.
          SMC series digital channel switching device is developed successfully.
          SPT series intelligent protocol converter is developed successfully.
  •       SEPT variable distribution monitoring configuration software is developed.
          Silimin Sales and Service Center in Shenzhen established.
          SLM series electric power automation system solution is launched.
          SPC series electric power communication management machine is developed and successfully tested by EPRI.
  •       Founded in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, China.