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 Within our power, we will open a dialogue publicly with the interest related to people, participate positively and make effort jointly to contribute for the development of the economy, environment and social condition.

Human Rights
Support and respect to protect the human right which was internationally recognized.
Children and young workers 
We promise that the minor get the adequate protection; As a basic principle, we never employing the child laborer, nor support employing child laborer, unless it is the government authorized young people training plan (for example the employment experience item).   
Free employment
All employees should be voluntarily employed by the company; when employing, we cannot take any precautionary measure, or support any form of forced work.
Health and security
We will supply safe and healthy working condition in all working area, take enough measures to prevent the accident and injury during the working process, on reasonable and feasible premise to reduce the dangerous factors in the working conditions in maximum.
Consult and communicate with employee
Discuss with all the employees regularly, deal with the matter they concerned. Respect all employees to establish and join the union freely, as well as the right to negotiate collectively. 
Guarante the representative of the trade union will not be criminated, and they may get touch with their member in the job site. Promise that when occurs a large-scale personnel cut-down, they have social welfare plan and instruction, moreover the employee or their official representative should already knew that. 
Equal opportunity
Provide equal opportunity to all employees, on the matters of employment, payment, training, promotion, fire or recite, we never do or support crimination about race and people, social grade, religion, incapacity, sex, age, sex orientation, trade union member or political group. 
Violation and punishment
Against the punishment of threat to spirit or body, abuse or body punishment or hard labor, what’s more, any compel, threaten, insult or exploit behavior is forbidden, including posture, language and body touch.
Working time
For the working time and overtime work, we will adopt feasible law and enterprise standard.
Guarantee that the payment reach or over the law or enterprise’s regulated lowest standard, and satisfy the employee’s basic requirement and supply some income which can be freely controlled.
Guarantee that clearly and lawfully list the components of the wage and welfare, meanwhile, the payment terms must completely conforms to all the applicable law and be convenient to the employee as much as possible.
Guarantee that never using the unequal labor agreement and unreal probation plan to avoid the necessary duty which ordered in the society security law for the labor.
establish and maintain appropriate procedure to estimate and choose  the  main supplier and sub- supplier according to the supplier’s ability which  satisfy Silimin’s society policy and the principle request .And also we’ll preserve reasonable evidences to prove that they can continue to satisfy these requests.
Participate the community activities
Silimin pledges to promote and participate the related community activities, positively advances the development of economy, environment, society and education.
Business ethics 
Persist in the highest standard of the business ethics and honesty; support the country and the international authority to strive for the establishment and implementation of high standard business principle.