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Safety evacuation and broadcast system
Publish Date:2016-11-29 23:18    Viewed times:     作者:admin    

WIth the development of the society , the  awareness of  safety  protection has been strengthen  in recent years.  To meet  the needs of society ,our company developed a system of fire protection and information broadcasting.(called STFS).This product  can support  wireless CDMA、

GPRS、WIFI、network PTP/NTP and many other communication methods to get the time signal . One more advantage of this product is it can keep the high precision  of  time when it is loosing time signal  (±5ppm ±0.432sec./ day). Another advantage is it can support adding  earthquack monitoring part 、humidity monitoring part  、LED fire protction lighting part  as what you needs.

The color of LED screen dispaly  can be choosed in  red 、green、 blue and yellow .You can add  detail information  in the LED screen as what you need.

The system of STRS (information broadcasting and fire protection )  has been widely used in government  office 、power station 、traffic sysytem and school.