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Photovoltaic power generation monitoring system
Publish Date:2016-11-29 23:15    Viewed times:     作者:admin    

SLM1500 photovoltaic power generation monitoring system to realize distributed or ground type power battery array, junction box, inverter, AC and DC power distribution cabinet, environmental monitor, forecast, solar tracking control system and other equipment for real-time monitoring and control, to grasp the power station operation and the amount of power through the chart and data of various styles, the friendly user interface, strong analysis function, perfect fault alarm to ensure that the solar photovoltaic power generation system is completely reliable and stable.

2、Major function
SCADA data collection and monitoring, monitoring and control, photovoltaic booster station monitoring, relay protection, measurement and control, image and security guards monitoring, power quality management, power measurement, active power control, voltage control, reactive power forecasting, GPS time, two times of safety protection, fire alarm, DC system, power dispatching power forward, five anti system, equipment management, remote maintenance, WEB publishing, mobile phone APP real-time browsing etc..

3、Technical characteristics
Professional SCADA software platform - distributed platform, system security and stability
Possess strong historical data and historical event storage function and report management function
The cross platform runtime environment, support Windows2000/Vista/XP, LINUX, UNIX
The system design and function of modular - object oriented, flexible configuration system
The large database including real-time database and history database, real-time database classification database, history database for large commercial database, support Oracle, Sybase, SQLServer, MySQL
Good openness, easy communication and other systems
Realize equipment safety management, safety equipment on-line detection and optimization to arrange an equipment management and maintenance plan
Integrated video monitoring function, to meet the needs of video monitoring, to achieve the "five remote" function
Support WEB, remote access monitoring, alarm, report, historical query in Internet/Intranet
Support communication interface layer network redundancy and redundant equipment, in order to improve the reliability of communication network

Application example: the comprehensive solution of photovoltaic power station power monitoring

Photovoltaic power plant by size and access mode, can be divided into distributed photovoltaic power plants and ground type photovoltaic power station. Photovoltaic power plants involved in the main primary device has photovoltaic components, bus, inverter, boost transformer, ring network cabinets, power plants, power grids and other equipment. Photovoltaic power monitoring system mainly completes signal acquisition, centralized control, storage, transmission, exchange, management and other functions of the equipment. Photovoltaic power plant power monitoring system mainly consists of computer equipment, server equipment, network equipment, communications equipment, storage equipment, and other key equipment.
 Distributed photovoltaic power plant monitoring
Distributed PV network topology

Ground type photovoltaic power station monitoring
Distributed PV network topology

The monitoring object of power monitoring system of photovoltaic power plants are the main transformer box, junction box, MW unit, inverter, fire alarm, video cameras and other equipment, the main control station monitoring equipment with high voltage switchgear, protection and control device, two AC and DC systems, fault recorder equipment etc..
PV power plant monitoring is relatively decentralized, so the network mode of photovoltaic power station can be used in the combination of wired and wireless, GPRS and WIFI flexible application, distributed communication processing, mobile Internet, etc..
Power monitoring system data through PCM, SDH, PTN scheduling system is forwarded to the provincial and municipal power companies and power companies to accept instructions.