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Power station time hack sysytem
Publish Date:2016-11-29 23:15    Viewed times:     作者:admin    
The Series of SNTM is using high-accuracy BD receiver \GPS receiver\outside IRIG-B \NTP\PTP as time bases which can make high-synchronous of time signal and outside time bases .When outside time bases breakdown,our machine can automatic switchover into inside time hack condition Which can insure that devices will offer long-term stability time output .
       The SNTM devices is using full-module design with abundant functions .It can realize multi-input (GPS\BD\IRIG-B time bases)
Technology Features
         Stable and reliable operating  guarantee;
No.1 The boxes is using aluminium to magnetically shielded and has great capacity of anti-interference
No.2 Photoelectricity can cut off all the output signal .The capacity of electromagnetic immunity can be reached III stander .
With the capacity of self-recovery and can return to the work condition
Using high-performance switch to insure the stability of power supply .
No.5 U
sing 19’’standar and 1U aluminum chassis which is portable and easy to check.
No.6 With power off , GPS\BD step out warming  and many other warming trough multipath.It can be switching in electric station monitor and check the working station in line.
No.7 Using 304 stainless antenna stand which is anti-corrosion and can be used in hostile environment
         High accuracy time hack \signal output technique
Keep high-accuracy with outside time synchronization signal and the accuracy is more than ±0.2μs;
Can set outside time bases and insure the accuracy of the time
The time message is using Dual CPU and the error is less than 0.2mS.
Support NTP(Network Time Protocol ;Version 4 ) and the accuracy can reach 1~10ms
Support PTP V2(IEEE 1588-2008)  .It can be more accuracy for 30ns compares to UTC  
Using closed-loop control to make timing in high-accuracy . The OCXO can make precision reached 0.6μs/min; The TCXO can make precision reached 15μs/min(24Hour<±5x10 -11 ( 25 ℃));
The devices can support 3 input channels and apply BD\GPS\BD&GPS to receiving time signal 
Support all kinds of time bases to redundancy offer time signal.It can distinguish the stabilization of  BD signal 、 GPS signal and outside IRIG-B time bases which can insure the system is reliable 
Support dual reduandant hot-standby mode. When external reference base of the master clock fails, IRIG-B(DC) signals which connected with the standby clock will stop outputing, to keep  signal reference base of the standyby master accucate and safe.
Support core patch cord detection.We can make the same IP address of network card in same devices which can make backups of network card 
Support Bonding function .We can make the same IP address of network card in same devices which can make backups of network card 
Timing signal expand devices can switch in 2 lines IRIG-B as outside synchronizing signal which can be standby application for each other
 Support double power supply and choose high-performance switch to insure the stability of power supply 
Using plug and play ,with the great capacity of compaibility .The devices can offer all kinds of pulse signal (1PPS、1PPM、1PPH、event,idle contact、difference、TTL、24V/110V/220V active、light)、IRIG-B signal(TTL、422、232、AC、light)、DCF77signal(active、passive)、time message(RS232、RS422/485、光)、PTP、NTP/SNTP