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Technology Research and Development
Technology plays a key role in Silimin. We unceasingly develop the innovative technology and refine existing technology to provide the good products and service to customer, and help them reduce the work load of setting up automatic system and reinforce their competitive ability.
Silimin is affecting the electric power automazation industry silently selflessly.

R & D is essential to our success. We have approximately 30 technical experts in our R & D center and laboratory, and every year we put a large proportion of investment to research and development In addition, we also have close strategic cooperation with approximately 10 well-known universities and research organs. 


R&D team

Silimin persists that establish the relation with leading universities and research centers to build a network of creative person is the key for company development. Since our interest and development strategy of being in the lead of technology, we has built good cooperation with many leading research communities.

R&D center

Silimin has more than 60 researchers working in 2 homeland enterprise research and develop centers and laboratories. Our researchers can work together with business unit sincerely to strategically develop the technology platform for the needs of future. These scientific research group can effectively integrate resource and strongly support the various large-scale research and develop projects.

All our research and develop activities are completed with the help of enterprise research and develop center. Experts in research and develop center frequently participate and push the product to be innovative, especially when meeting the high risk project. There are extraordinary specialized talents in each center that we can provide them to practice every project. R&D laboratory In order to have a deep study of industry IT and the emerging technology, we set up two researches and develop laboratories; Automatic technology laboratory and Electric power technology laboratory.

Every research and develop center is in charge of the different key technology field (plan). And they are able to accomplish these planed activities on time. Our researchers can connect with other researchers, universities and colleges and the partners who cooperate with us closely online in the environment of all-round networked. These laboratories can ensure higher flexibility, and avoid repeatedly developing the identical technology platform. Meanwhile, coordinating with business unit enables us to reply customer more speedily.

Cooperation with universities and colleges

At present, we carry out a cooperation with approximate 10 famous universities and colleges, including many respected universities such as South China University of Technology, Shanghai Jiaotong University , Guangdong industry university , Xi'an Electronic Science and Technology University , Lanzhou University , advanced Shenzhen occupation Tec etc. The core special field technology and the cooperation with the research communities can help us get a lot of breakthroughs in the key research fields.



Silimin nearest innovative achievements accounts for 50%-92% of the products and service on the market at presen., the concrete proportion depends on the different business field. As the specialized supplier of electric power automation industry product in the homeland,we are concentrated on developing various new technique and solutions to make our customer be able to provide the safest high quality electric power with maximal efficiency , and lowest price.

Various innovative solutions make our present technology platform more powerful. This technology platform has covered all aspects of power distribution industry,including the SCADA software,communication supervisor, intelligence dial, micro-computer measure and controlle device,protection equipment and various technology that applied to high and middle pressure automatic systems. In the research of electric power automation field, We are focusing on SCADA communication technology and the standardization of power distribution automation system engineering.  These researching project helps us in course of creating some intelligent equipment, including  intelligent channel swift and intelligent stipulations of an agreement converter. For instance, we make great efforts to combine new model electric power technology and IT technology to develop new model intelligent power system that fulfilling the need of future.