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Shenzhen financial settlement center for data center
Publish Date:2016-11-29 16:16    Viewed times:     作者:admin    

Shenzhen financial electronic settlement center was established in 1995, is the country's first financial electronic settlement center, specializing in the inter-bank payment and settlement system for product development and operation and maintenance services. Higher authorities in charge is the people's Bank of Shenzhen City, the existing domestic banks and foreign banks more than 50 members of the unit. Renamed the Shenzhen financial Electronic settlement center Co., Ltd. in June 2014, the existing staff of more than 160 people. The systems and products have been widely applied in more than and 50 large and medium-sized city, business network covering more than 12.8 bank branches, more than 3 thousand and 100 enterprises, more than and 200 banks in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and Hong Kong and Taiwan and other 168 countries and regions, has made many pioneering contributions to China's financial service integration and modernization international. 
Main business
1China's modern payment system: the full implementation of the people's bank payment and settlement functions, assume the Chinese modern payment system Shenzhen city processing center (Shenzhen CCPC) operation, maintenance and management, etc.;
2、the Shenzhen financial settlement system: Shenzhen city is an important financial infrastructure, to achieve 7X24 hours of operation, wide coverage, complete functions, including one-stop integrated service of electronic payment platform and payment of public service platform, has become the bank payment system backup and cross-border RMB business window.
3、Shenzhen Treasury for off the horizontal networking system: multiple departments connected to the government finance and taxation, to provide efficient and convenient service for the enterprises of Shenzhen City, an important infrastructure system is the daily operation of the municipal government.
4、Financial members of the Shanghai Gold Exchange: the agent of the national non member bank of personal gold trading business. In the first half of 2014 the amount of gold and silver transactions amounted to 170 billion yuan, ranked second in the Shanghai Gold Exchange (first industrial and Commercial Bank of China).
5、Financial outsourcing services: our center and Shenzhen United Financial Services Group Limited, Shenzhen Gold Investment Co. Ltd., Shenzhen fast pay through financial network technology Services Ltd., Shenzhen Winpard, Dongguan financial convoy Limited by Share Ltd fame through joint financial Marketing Data Services Ltd and other companies financial outsourcing service integrated platform, the business scope of financial instruments transfer, centralized processing warehousing, credit evaluation, software development and integration, gold trading, third party payment, data center hosting. Currently has more than 18 thousand employees, covering more than and 200 cities nationwide,  providing service for more than 30 thousand financial institutions across the country.

1、The demand of center time synchronization
The requirements of party A server can provide unified time clock scheme for the 4 network system, 4 network systems including gold company server network system, server city network system, the third party payment network office OA server system and network center.

Based on the actual situation, choose our SNTM3015 series time device to be the main standby time source, supporting SET2000 synchronization software, with NTP network to other computer system provides millisecond time accurate to sign, at the same time to pulse, IRIG-B, serial message format, the distribution of real time intelligent protection equipment test. When the SET2000 software for the 4 network to provide on-time service, so you need a 4 port network server, virtual machine implementation plan.

Main standby clock is placed in the two computer room, each other in the way of IRIG-B signal redundancy connection (fiber channel), when the main clock failure can be switched to the standby clock. Device with GPS signal as a reference, when the GPS signal is lost, the IRIG-B signal is received, if the first two lost, the rubidium punctual module keeps the high precision self walking time. At the same time provide NTP, pulse, B code, message and other formats of time signal. (the network system to NTP way to get the time).