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Xinjiang Urumchi Diwobao International Airport
Publish Date:2016-11-29 16:19    Viewed times:     作者:admin    
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Urumchi Diwobao International Airport(IATA:URC;ICAO:ZWWW) was builded in 1939 . This airport is one of the most important airline of  west Asia and Europe .
By the end of 2008,the international airport of Xinjiang was expanded which can make the airport meet the needs of people and express.
In July 2015, our company (SILIMIN) start offering STRS time synchronization sysytem in the airport . The project contains 2 set of  SNTS service ; 65 sets of SLED parts; 148 sets of SLED2020.
Our company's techonology department staff  has made a lot of effort on making a survey of the airport and  has made a deep communication with the airport representative about the details .
After all the surveies finished ,our company has heped the airport in building a network  time synchrnization sysytem and  provide a stable time assurance.