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Firmware Engineer
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Power Communication Commissioning Engineer

Job Responsibilities:
Responsible for communication management machine, communication program optimization and upgrading for background monitoring system
Job requirements:
1, Bachelor degree or above,  major in power system, communication, computer, information and so on;
2, Familiar with C / C + + language, 1 year and above related development experience;
3, Familiar with Socket network programming, RS232, RS485 communication process;
4, Have excellent English reading ability and document writing ability;
5, Familiar with the power of the Statute, such as 104,103,101, modbus, and other relevant development experience is preferred;
6, Understand the Linux operating system, familiar with the commonly-used commands, the relevant development experience is preferred;
7, Background in the development of the power industry is a priority;
8, A good university graduates may also be considered.

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