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Distributed Protocol Convertor

       SPT100 is a distributed communication server integrated serial port sevice, communication ata processing and sacurity exchanges. Its interface setup can be flexibly selected according to the scene. The design of the product specilizes in industrial control system and is available to apply to diverse industrial control systems, such as electric power,transportation, energy resource,chemical,advanced manufacturing and other industries.The port service supports protocol transformation from RS-232/RS485 serial device to Ethernet, mutually transparent data transmission between TCP/IP protocol and serial communication protocol.The communication management can realize collecting datas from different subsystems,tabulating,classifyingand pre-processing, and retransmitting datas to multiple upper dispatching systems.SPT series Protocol Converter mainly be used to centralized management of variousof protective relays device and other intelligent devices,as well as to convert thecommunication protocol. Through many kinds of  standard communication interface to have data communication with relay protection,fault recorders, watt-hour meter, DC screen and so on devices, then send to background control system by net or serial port, or send to remote dispatching center by modem after program processing. It is suitable to extremely adverse condition, and can be widely used to distributed data acquisition and transmission of all levers electric power automation system. 

Typical function            

◇ Transform serial port to network data protocol;

◇ Support parameter setting by network interface;

◇ Support parameter setting by serial interface;

◇ Support parameter setting by CAN interface;

◇ Support pulse timing function;

◇ Provide multiple cascade connection working methods;

◇ Provide switch between master redundancy and standby redundancy;

◇ Support switch among various electric power 

◇ protocols and industrial protocols;

◇ Support seconary development of non-standard 

◇ communication protocols.


Typical features

◇ 32-bit high-performance microcontrollers and Nucleus operating system based, realizing multifunction and communication program on the basis of  message queuing, and the communication port and communication protocol is seperate faced with target program; 

◇ 2 Ethernet and 4 RS232/485 serial ports at most, type of port and software are optional. All ports are with photoelectircal isolation and surge protection, the maximum transmission rate is 115.5Kbps, flexible online and offline; 

◇ Debugging facility, reliable program updating, parameter loading and data inquiry functions;

◇ Powerful autognosis and self-recovery function, the system can resume to normal work in short time when failig owing to external intererence or other factors;

◇ Support transparent transmmision of Ethernet serial port ;

◇ Support RS485 serial port bus mode, 128 loads can be driven;

◇ DIN-rail wall-mounting appearance.


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