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Distributed Fire Safety Monitoring and Alarm Unit

         SEFU100 series fire safety and alarm units applies traditional digital tube display modules, color options: red , green and blue. The standard contents are HH:mm:ss, temperature and  huminity, warning contents (earthquake intensity, 

smok scope, humiture, etc. ) will display under alarmmode.Installation options: wall-mounting(by default), hanging, embedding, etc. 

         The product, with small power consumption,no-fan design and stable operation, meeting  demands of distribution in different sites, and providing safety security sevice for schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, airports, subway stations, administrative buildings, banks, factories, companies, etc.

Typical functions

◇ Adopt LED dot matrix modules to display current time and environmental parameters;

◇ Adopt Slimin patented sensitive earthquake monitoring technique;

◇ Adopt numeral humiture composite sensor with calibrated digital signal output;

◇ LM393, ZYMQ-2 gas detection technique, quickly and precisely detect the current pollution level of gas and smog;

◇ Optional water leakage module, infrared anti-theft module and other functional modules;

◇ Supports synthesis of Chinese, English and 6 dialects, eg. Cantonese, Sichuan dialect, etc;

◇ Customize weather forcast with special format,the voice is more natural and friendly;

◇ Diverse warning lights relative to specified monitoring contents;

◇ Buzzer alarm, different ring ways relative different alarm contenrs;

◇ Humunized safety protection broadcasting and remote voice announcements, with various parameters and specified contents;

◇ Optional infrared telecontroller adjust the screen lightness, control the devices’off and on statues, check the deviations of temperature and humidity,set up time under the self-propelled condition;

◇ Built-in high-capacity Aluminium battery, the device can work for 72h when power off;

◇ Dry contact(relay) alarm output, support external bell, warning lights ad other units;

◇ Support wireless GPS,WIFI,Internet, serial message and other communication channels;

◇ Support time synchronizition of NTP/SNTP, serial message and other time signals;

◇ Independent timing function, self-propelled time will display when external reference fails;

◇ Aluminium chassis, exquisite port, attractive appearance;

◇ Single or double side diaplay, the content and format can be customized;

◇ Optional installation: wall-hanging, hoisting, rack-mounting;

◇ Integrated management software support online monitor, parameter setting and function management.

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