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  • Power environment monitoring system
    【Product description】:The environmental monitoring system of SLM1400 power will provide 365X24 uninterrupted remote monitoring and control of the overall scientific data center room, low-voltage power distribution, UPS generator and battery, precision / monomer...
  • Photovoltaic power generation monitoring system
    【Product description】:1、Summary SLM1500 photovoltaic power generation monitoring system to realize distributed or ground type power battery array, junction box, inverter, AC and DC power distribution cabinet, environmental monitor, forecast, solar tracking con...
  • Energy management system
    【Product description】:SLM1300 energy management system, is the Slimin power company in combination with customer energy management needs, more than and 10 years experience in the field to run rich and technical R D strength, success for the user to build a set o...
  • Electric power control system
    【Product description】:Summary SLM1200 power control system is a new generation of centralized control system designed and developed by SEPT software development and management system. The system adopts advanced object-oriented database, cross platform, modular t...
  • Variable distribution monitoring system
    【Product description】:Summary SLM1100 system is the perfect crystallization of Silimin 10 years` experience with the new operating system configuration technology and power professional technology. Applicable to substations, switching station, power distribution...